Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women both in the developed and less developed world. It is estimated that worldwide over 508 000 women died in 2011 due to breast cancer (Global Health Estimates, WHO 2013).

It is estimated that more than 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer occurred among women worldwide in 2012 (most recent data available) [WHO].

Breast cancer survival rates vary greatly worldwide, ranging from 80% or over in North America, Sweden and Japan to around 60% in middle-income countries and below 40% in low-income countries (Coleman et al., 2008). The low survival rates in less developed countries can be explained mainly by the lack of early detection programmes, resulting in a high proportion of women presenting with late-stage disease.

So, an early detection of Breast cancer can be very helpful in finding the appropriate treatment and increasing the survival rate.So, how to detect the breast cancer at early stage? What are the symptoms for breast cancer?

Here some of the signs that are often recognized for women with breast cancer.


As everyone’s’ breast is different so, everyone may not develop different signs that are given above. So, if you notice any of these changes in your breast, you might want to see a doctor and do a immediate checkup.

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