8 Reason to Include Apple Cider Vinegar In Your Diet

For centuries, people have been using vinegar for their various household and cooking purposes. It has been also used as home remedy for curing hiccups to alleviating cold symptoms. But beside these there are several reason to use aple cider vinegar. Here are the reasons:

Detox Your Body

Apple cider vinegar that are Unfiltered is a liver and lymphatic tonic. It can help to detox your body.  It helps in balancing the pH of your body and stimulates cardiovascular stimulation, lymphatic drainage and bowel motility.

Apple cider vinegar soothes a sore throat

Apply germ-busting apple cider vinegar immediately if you get the feeling of getting a sore throat. They are loaded with vitamins and probiotic-boosting acetic acid. As most germs cannot survive in acidic environment they work very effectively on to cure common cold and sore throat

Take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in one glass of water three times daily to cure a cold.

Balances Blood Sugar and Improves Diabetes

Research studies has proven that, the acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar can balance blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity and insulin responses. It has been shown that apple cider vinegar can help in controlling the type 2 diabetes very effectively.

Apple cider vinegar aids in weight loss

People who are looking for losing weight, they can keep apple cider vinegar in their regular diet. Because research studies have shown that, the acetic acid of the vinegar suppress the appetite, increase metabolism and reduce water retention.


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Lowers cholesterol and reduces your risk of heart disease

Cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death worldwide at the moment. Research studies on mouse has found that apple cider vinegar can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, ultimately reducing the risk of heart disease.

Apple cider vinegar whitens teeth

In the morning gargle with apple cider vinegar.  This will help in removing the stains, whiten teeth, and kill bacteria in your mouth and gums. So, it will also help in treating bad breath.

Just Take your finger and rub apple cider vinegar on your teeth for 1 minute.  Then rinse with water.  The pH of apple cider vinegar will remove the stains from your teeth and help you to get whiter teeth naturally.

Apple cider vinegar gets rid of dandruff

As apple cider vinegar contains acid this property can be very useful as a remedy for dandruff. The acidic property changes the pH of your scalp, makes it harder for yeast to grow.

Add ¼ cup water with ¼ cup apple cider vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on your scalp. Cover the head with a towel and wait for 15 minutes to 1 hr, then wash your hair. Do this at least two times a week to get the best result.

Apple cider vinegar clears acne

The antibacterial property of apple cider vinegar can be very helpful  to keep acne under control. The malic acid and lactic acids found in apple cider vinegar soften and exfoliate the skin, reduce red spots, and balance the pH of your skin.


So, apple cider vinegar is a very handy goods to keep in stock always. But one must be careful about the dosage on how much to drink and how to drink it. The best way to use it in the cooking, e.g. for salad dressing. If you want to drink it then the common dosage range is from 1-2 teaspoons (5-10 mL) to 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 mL) per day. But not more than that.Also it is recommended that organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar should be used for getting the above benefits from apple cider vinegar.

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