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Beautiful, shiny hair is any women’s dream. In this article we will learn how to create and preserve that shine. This is one of the most renowned methods for maintaining sleek and shiny texture.

Most often referred to as ‘traditional’ hair treatment, this crème bath is a rich conditioning solution with thick viscous consistency that thoroughly coats your hair. After steaming, it is washed off to leave your hair feeling feather soft. Natural often added to the crème bath product to help treat or alleviate specific hair conditions. You might want to consider inviting a friend and taking turns to run crème-coated fingers through the sections of hair, leaving your head feeling moist, cool and heavy. Then lie back as rhythmic finger movements massage the scalp and gradually move down the neck and shoulders. the crème will stimulate the scalp and hair follicles , softening and strengthening the strands of hair.

These are a few of our recommended ingredients but you can always add or subtract elements to your likings or needs.

Carrot: for hair growth

Henna: for nourishing dry or premeds hair.

Avocado: for feeding dry hair.

Ginseng: for strengthening hair roots.

Celery: for increasing hair elasticity

Aloe Vera: for general hair food

Candlenut: for promoting glossy, dark hair

Seaweed: For stimulating hair growth.

Grind and mix all up and there you have a nice spa weekend with all your friends.

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