Women After 30 Must Undergo These Test Regularly

Even if you do not notice much difference comparing to your 20s, but after 30 years of age women health and body change quite a lot. After 30 the calcium concentration of the bone of women begin to lose that can lead to Osteoporosis in later life.In your 30s you suffer from health condition that were never seen .The tone of the muscle start to lose that affects the health and fitness.So, to fight this plan a healthy and balanced diet that are rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals.Avoid longer exposure to the sun and do some exercise to keep the body active and fit.Beside these another thing all women after passing 30 should do, is do some regular medical checkups. This will help you to ensure better health and well being. Here are some of the medical checkups that all women in their 30s should do:

Blood pressure

Do check your blood pressure after every 2-3 years.But if you have medical conditions like diabetes or heart problems then you should do the checkups every year.Also, be careful of the foods and diets that can affect the blood pressure and avoid oily fast foods.


Check your blood cholesterol in every 3-4 years. High cholesterol level can increase the risk of heart related disease. So, do this test to know your total cholesterol level [HDL (good) cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol)]. If you have other health condition like diabetes then check the cholesterol level more often (1-2 years interval).


Lifestyle Changes You Should Make To Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Thyroid test

if you experience sudden changes in your mood, weight gain,sleeping habit and cholesterol level then you should better check your thyroid level. If a person suffers from hypothyroidism then it means her thyroid isĀ  under active and this can results in weight gain,brittle nails,dry skin, fatigue etc and in hyperthyroidism the thyroid is over active and results in weight loss, insomnia, fast pulse etc.

Breast cancer test

After 30 self exam your breast in every month.In fact according to doctors for many cases the breast cancer were detected in very early stage only because of the self exam.Beside self exam do a mammogram test in at least in every 1-2 years.But if you have a family history of breast cancer, doctors may recommend you to do a more frequent checkups.

Pap Smear

This is the test that looks for the human pappilomavirus (HPV). This test detects any inflammation or infection that could present on the cervix.It also detects any abnormalities in cells that could lead to cervical cancer.DO this test in every 3-5 years.

Diabetes test

After 30s the body metabolism changes greatly.If you are overweight and has other health problems such as blood pressure then you should check your blood glucose level to determine if you have diabetes or not.Do this test every year.But if your doctors put you in prediabetic category then do the test more frequently.

Eye check-up

In the late to early 30 most of the people start facing vision problem.Multiple factors such as, excessive use of computers, laptops, smart phones can results in blurry vision, pain in the eyes, dry eyes,redness in the eye, headeches etc. So, do an eye examination after every three years as you reach to your 30s.

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