Is it Safe To Have Sex During Periods?


For overall health and wellbeing, a healthy sex life is also a very important. The couple who maintain healthy sex life also has been found to be happier. But is it safe when a woman is on her period? Or having sex during period can make her sexual health at risk? There is a lot of queries regarding this. Many women wants to know if it is safe to have sex during their menstruation.

According to a gynecologist Dr Anuradha Kapur “It is not safe to have sex when your partner is menstruating as the chances of contracting infections are very high – especially for men who don’t use the condom.”

So, it is better to avoid having sex during menstruation. But you can always enjoy the foreplay. Sex during period can get very messy. So, always take some precautions if you are having sex during this time.

Pros and Cons

As sex during this time is very unhygienic and the risk of getting sexually transmitted infections like HIV gets higher. It is also very not clean and can cause discomfort for both the partners. So, wearing a condom is highly recommended during this time.

Women may think that the extra lubrication can make period sex more exciting. Even many websites claim that it is even better to have sex during menstruation. But don’t fall prey to this claim. Sex during period increases the chances of the partner entering too hard; it can bother the cervix and make things even worse.

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Are there any chances of getting pregnant?

Although the chances of getting pregnant is very low during this time as the ovulation cycle starts usually after 14 days but doctors have found many cases where women get pregnant because of their high fertility and high quality of the sperm.

Is there any safe position for sex during period?

According to Dr Kapur “There is no specific position for period sex,” But if you really want to go for it then try the missionary position. Because things will get less messy with this position.

Is it safe to wear a tampon and have sex during periods?

No, It is never a good idea wearing a tampon while having sex. Tampons are inserted in the same region; it will make the sex more painful. And if the tampon is pushed deep inside then the things will get more complicated.

So, for a better and healthy sex life, we would suggest that it will be better for women if they avoid having sex during their period, as it is not scientifically safe. Rather they could enjoy the foreplay or keep patience. Because, ladies! It doesn’t take more than three to five days to end usually!! Why risk your sexual health?



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