Cancer Causing Food You Are Eating Everyday


Cancer Causing Food You Are Eating Everyday



Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. The number of cancer patients are increasing very rapidly.Various factors contribute the cause of cancer.But are we awear enough that the food we are eating in our daily life can be a major reason to cause cancer?

Here is a list of foods that can cause cancer:

1. Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils and they cannot be extracted naturally like butter. They must be chemically treated to get them from their source.They are also modified to bring the taste and color that are more acceptable to the consumers. Hydrogenated oils are found in all sorts of food. for example, pre-packaged food, fast food, and margarine.

2. Popcorn

Aside from the fact that processed popcorn can contain hydrogenated oils, microwave popcorn has been suggested to cause cancer. Namely, lung cancer. It is said there is a chemical inside of the non-stick bag that can wreak havoc on our system and become carcinogenic.

3. Lunch Meat

Research has found that the excessive salts and chemicals that are used while making processed meats are damaging for health. The animal could have been fed with GMOs.GMOs contain carcinogenic compounds that can also cause cancer to human.

Also all the processed meat contains chemicals and preservatives, including sodium nitrates, which make them, look appealing and fresh but are well known carcinogens.


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4. Hot Dogs

Much like lunch meat, hot dogs contain all sorts of cancer-causing elements. Like lunch meat, they also contain sodium phosphate which is a known killer. Research has suggested that over 34,000 people die each year due to processed meat. And hot dog use processed meat, that make them an ideal cancer causing agent.

5. White Flour

When flour is refined, all nutritional value is removed. Then it is bleached with chlorine gas to make it more appealing to consumers. Carbohydrates are converted to sugars by your bodies’ metabolism, Simple sugars (like refined carbohydrates) are the preferred fuel source for cancer cell..


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6. Red Meat

Red meat are often smoked, cured, and salted to the point of danger. Also preservatives added often to retain some means of ‘freshness’. It has been found that this type of processed meat release some carcinogenic compounds that are responsible for causing cancer.

7. Diet Soda

Many health conscious people prefer diet soda.But in fact they are as unhealthy as the normal sugary soda. They contain a sweetner compound known as Aspartame has been found to be linked with brain cancer, leukemia, and other cancers.In fact anything that has artificial sugar added are harmful for health.



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8. Alcohol

In a study it has been found that alcohol consumption is highly related to increased breast cancer risk in women.A study conducted by WHO found that execcessive alcohol consumption is the main cause of esophagus, mouth, liver, esophagus, rectum, colon, mouth, and female breast cancers.

9. Potato Chips

There are very few people who doesn’t like potato chips! But potato chips contain Acrylamide that is very harmful for health and a well known carcinogen.


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10. GMOs

GMOs that is Genetically modified organism. GMO crops contain a external genes(from bacteria , virus) added to the crop to increase their yield that are toxic for our body and can be very harmful. Many people argue that it can change our bodies’ natural immune system and harness the process of causing cancer.

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