Probably We Are Not Properly Cleaning Our Anuses-Recent study


Experts have warned that toilet paper does little to remove feces and the United States is one country that hasn’t improved its sanitation in terms of wiping.

While countries such as Japan, Italy and Greece use bidets in the toilets as a way to keep the anus clean, the US has mostly relied on toilet paper as the norm to keep that area clean.

Another thing doctors say excessive wiping could cause health problems such as anal fissures and urinary tract infections.

According to Tonic, 90 percent of households in Italy, Spain and Greece have a bidet installed in their bathroom for cleaning.

This device squirts water into the area to make cleaning with toilet paper easier. But it is not as easy to find one of these in a restroom in the United States. Bidet suppliers have reported that moving into the American market has been more difficult because most people are satisfied with just using toilet paper.

Aggressive wiping can also cause several health problems such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

An anal fissure is a tear in the lining of the rectum and can cause bleeding or pain for a  person when they are pooping. Most fissures heal at home after eight to 12 weeks, but it is important to be careful when wiping because it can irritate the area.


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Hemorrhoids are swollen veins and tissue in the lower rectum and anus. They are more serious than fissures and sometimes can be harder to treat.

External hemorrhoids happen around the rim and are the ones that are typically irritated from excessive wiping, but they can be treated with cream or medication. But, bidets can prevent people from developing any urinary tract infection.

If people wipe from back-to-front with toilet paper, they are pulling bacteria from the anus towards the front of the body. This can impact seriously for women especially and cause them to develop at UTI from the bacteria getting into the urethra. So,By using a bidet or wet wipe instead, it kills the bacteria and prevents it from infecting the urinary tract.



Collected from: Daily Mail,UK

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