Home Remedies For Common Cold And Flu


It is very hard to find a person who is not affected at least once a year with the Common cold. Cold is a kind of infection that can be caused by different types of viruses. Some of the common symptoms of a cold are headache, runny nose, cough, high fever, itchy eyes, sore throat, body aches and so on. Although it is not always possible to prevent the disease but there are some easy home remedies for this disease. In this article we will try to describe about some of the home remedies of common cold.


Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can be very helpful in getting rid of cold symptoms. it is also a very good remedy for boosting immune system and helps open up respiratory passages, and also helps flush toxins out of your body.Here is how you can use garlic to treat common cold

  • Mix together one crushed garlic clove, two teaspoons lemon juice, one teaspoon honey, and half  teaspoon of cayenne pepper or red chilli powder. Consume it daily until the symptoms subside.
  • Boil four to five chopped garlic cloves in a cup of water and add one teaspoon of honey. Drink it two to three times a day.
  • You can also eat raw garlic or use a few drops of garlic oil in your food and drinks.

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Honey has also a variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. it is of great help in soothing an irritated throat as well as shortening the lifespan of a cold virus. The high amount of nutrients and enzymes in honey help kill bacteria and viruses that cause colds.

  • The simplest home remedy is to consume a mixture of one teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of honey. Take it every two hours to get immense relief from your cold and sore throat.
  • If you prefer, you can simply swallow a spoonful of raw honey.


Ginger tea

Ginger not only helps in digestive system  but also helps in treating common cold and cough. Here is how you can use ginger to get relief of common cold:

  • Eat raw ginger or drink ginger tea several times a day. to enhance the effectiveness of ginger tea, add a lemon juice and honey to it.
  • You can also make a paste of ginger, and salt and eat one-half teaspoon of it two times a day.
  • For a runny nose, mix equal amounts of dry ginger powder, clarified butter (ghee) and jaggery (gur), a natural sweetener. Consume this mixture daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

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Mixture of lemon, cinnamon and honey

It is also a very good and effective remedy of common cold. This syrup effectively cures cold and cough.

add a few drop of lemon and a pinch of cinnamon In half teaspoon of honey. Have this syrup twice a day to cure common cold and cough.


Luke-warm water

Drink luke-warm water frequently as it helps in fighting against common cold, cough and sore throat. Warm water reduces inflammation in the throat and helps in replenishing fluids and the infection out of the body.

Milk and turmeric

A very common ingredient found in Asian kitchen is turmeric. It has a strong antioxidant properties which helps in treating many health problems.

Mix Turmeric in cup of warm milk . it is very effective  way to fight against cold and cough.


Spiced tea

Mix  tulsi, ginger and black pepper while peparing your tea and  drink this few times to get relief of the common cold.this spiced tea is great for your health. These three ingredients play an important role in fighting a common cold and cough.

You can also Extract the ginger juice and add crush tulsi leaves to it and add honey. Consume it to get relief from a cough.

Red Onion

Those suffering from a cold can get relief from the homemade red onion syrup. To make the syrup, you will need red onions and honey or brown sugar.

  1. First Slice two to three red onions horizontally. Put one slice of onion in a bowl and add raw honey. Repeat the process until the bowl is full.
  2. Cover the bowl and leave it for 12 to 15 hours. When you open the bowl, there will be thick liquid like syrup.
  3. Drink a spoonful of the syrup several times a day to get relief of sore throats and other symptoms of a cold.

Chicken soup

According to research enjoying a bowl of chicken soup with vegetables, prepared from scratch or warmed from a can, can slow the movement of neutrophils in your body. Neutrophils are a common type of white blood cell. They help protect your body from infection. When they’re moving slowly, they stay more concentrated in the areas of your body that require the most healing.

The study found that chicken soup was effective for reducing the symptoms of upper respiratory infections in particular. Low-sodium soup also carries great nutritional value and helps keep you hydrated. It’s a good choice, no matter how you’re feeling.

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